Sweat Testing

From the result of a single sweat test, we provide you with a personalized hydration strategy. This personalized report advises you on the most appropriate level of electrolyte replenishment before, during, and after exercise.  We will help in determining the type of electrolyte drink and concentration that is best for you.  To make the process even simpler, we can provide you with a specific electrolyte tablet that matches your recommended concentration.  


You might be surprised to learn that human sweat is not all the same. Sweat volume losses can vary widely between individuals under the same conditions. Additionally, the concentration of electrolytes contained in human sweat can vary as much as eightfold.

Combine these two factors, and for two different people under the same conditions it is possible to see as much as a 13-fold difference in net electrolyte losses between them. In terms of sodium loss—which is the ‘most active’ key electrolyte lost in human sweat—studies have shown some athletes are losing as little as 2.3 g of sodium and others as much as 30 g of sodium in exactly the same training session!

Managing electrolyte balance is critical to optimum performance… hard to do if you don’t know your individual sweat composition.  Poor management of this electrolyte balance can result in cramps or hyponatremia.  Additionally, your performance drops off well before these symptoms occur.  


Human sweat can be tested for its electrolyte concentration through a patented technology not found anywhere else in Cincinnati.  Our sweat test utilizes proven medical technology that was originally developed for use in the diagnosis of certain inherited diseases in children.  What you get from this sweat test is a highly accurate reading of the level of sodium lost during exercise.  This reading is a reliable representation of your true sweat sodium loss.  Although sweat sodium loss is highly variable across the population, it is genetically determined and changes little throughout your lifetime.  Thus, knowing this key physiological variable will help enhance your athletic performance for the rest of your days on Earth.

How Do I Schedule A Test?

You may schedule a test by directly contacting our certified sports nutrition specialist, Holly Haemmerle via email at queencitycoaching@gmail.com.

Testing typically takes about 30 - 40 minutes.  All that is required for testing is skin exposure to your forearm.  You may NOT exercise vigorously at least 8 hours prior to your scheduled sweat test, and you must be NORMALLY hydrated.

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