5x Flying Pig Winner, Amy Robillard, performing a core and gluteal strength movement that will help her maintain an optimal posture while running.  Amy has set PR's in both the marathon and 1/2 marathon and qualified to run in the US Olympic Team Trials in the marathon since beginning her work with Beyond Exercise.

BEYOND EXERCISE PRESENTS A NEW Cross-training Program for Endurance AThletes that will ELEVATE THEir PERFORMANCE and resiliency.

The most undervalued workout in a runner's, cyclist's, and triathlete's schedule is strength training.  Our program aims to take the thinking away from an endurance athlete's strength training regimen.

We will guide you through a strength and conditioning program that will make you a STRONGER, FASTER, AND MORE DURABLE endurance athlete.  

These classes are for any endurance athlete who needs help breaking through strength and performance plateaus, recurring injuries, and self-discipline hindrances. You will be training with like-minded endurance athletes in a group setting. The guiding principles of this program are rooted in sound strength, conditioning, and clinical research. You can expect nothing but no-frill effective and functional exercises that are designed to specifically work with training schedules for runners, triathletes, and cyclists.

Why should endurance athletes strength train?  

Strength training increases your muscle's ability to generate force, rate of force development, tendon stiffness, and the ratio of Type IIA muscle fibers (fibers with improved fatigue resistance AND ability to produce high contractile force).  Strength training also improves VO2 Economy (you can last longer at higher VO2 max efforts).  Click here for resources.

Jocelyn winning Ironman Mallorca 2016 with the course record

Because of the strength training I have done at Beyond Exercise, I have had that little extra that is needed in a race to accomplish my goals. I know that the strength training has helped me be able to push higher watts and run faster in training so that I can then execute my race plan. Not only has it helped me go harder in training, but also stay healthy and injury-free.
— Jocelyn McCauley, Professional Triathlete, Recent winner of Ironman Mallorca (Course Record)

Jocelyn is performing a rack lift to strengthen the back, hamstrings, and gluteals--all muscles that are traditionally very weak in endurance athletes.  


Beginning July 10, we will be expanding our Strength class schedule


Class Descriptions


Foundations Strength Class for endurance athletes

  • You will work on developing whole-body stability and strength.  All classes are designed to address the strength, stability, and coordination shortcomings often times seen in endurance athletes.  
  • Strength focus will be on the core, back, and gluteal muscles.
  • Coordination will be developed through the instruction of proper movement patterns and motor sequencing.


Performance strength class for Endurance athletes

  • This class will build off the foundation of strength and movement that you build during the Foundations Strength Class for Endurance Athletes.
  • More advanced movements and heavier resistance will be applied to the class programming
  • We recommend that you attend 4-6 weeks of Foundational Strength Class for Endurance Athletes before attending this class.  Exceptions can be made for those who are experienced with strength training on their own or exhibit proficiency in strength training during one of our foundational classes and after discussion with our trainers/coaches.


power Strength class for endurance athletes

  • This class will focus on developing power in endurance athletes
  • You must demonstrate safe and proper squat, hip hinge, and single leg movements to participate in this class.
  • You must have attended a total of 16 weeks of our Foundational Strength and Performance Strength Class for Endurance Athletes.  Exceptions can be made for those who are experienced with strength training on their own, exhibit proficiency with advanced movements, and demonstrate appropriate technique with kettle bell/barbell/dumbbell lifts.

If you are a participant of the Fall marathon/half-marathon BE Run Project, you will progress through a progressive strength program that will peak you for your Fall race.  Our class schedule will reflect this build starting July 10.


Other Details 

  • Classes are designed and supervised by our strength and endurance athlete specialists, one of whom is the personal physical therapist and strength coach for local elite/pro endurance athletes.
  • Each class is facilitated by a coach who will guide you through a warm-up, the primary workout, and cool-down at the end.  There will be different levels of exercise given to participants that will be based on your current fitness and movement capabilities.  This will ensure that each individual is working the appropriate muscles with the appropriate movements, which will in turn lead to improved safety and a more effective workout for you.
  • Classes will build off your current athleticism--movement, coordination, mobility, strength--ensuring that we build a solid foundation from which you can evolve.  This limits your risk of injury while ensuring that you become a complete athlete with strong stabilizer muscles, an active core, and appropriate muscle recruitment patterns.  You will only perform movements that are appropriate for you.


Drop-in rate per class is $18.00

A 10-class pass** may be purchased for $170.  

**Class pass Expires after 3 months--

we want you to commit to a regular weekly attendance in order to reap the benefits of your hard work!

You can come to this class as regularly as you want.  

Check the schedule for days and times.