Nutrition Services


How could you benefit from working with our in-house dietitian?

  • Improve fitness levels and enhance athletic performance
  • Develop personalized nutrition strategies to complement annual preparation, competition, and off -season plans
  • Reduce inflammation to help speed recovery in between workouts and after competitions
  • Reduce recovery time after surgery, illness, or injury
  • Injury prevention 
  • Management of body weight and body composition (gain muscle mass, reduce body fat)
  • Gain muscular strength and power 
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Develop custom strategies for what to eat before, during, and after training/competition 
  • You experience gastrointestinal problems that keep you from performing at your best
  • You feel chronically fatigued and lack energy to exercise at your best 
  • You have food allergies, sensitivities, or a medical condition (diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors, compromised bone health, iron deficiency)
  • You want to invest in your health and future well being 


What to expect:

  • Detailed evaluation of your food journal (using a computerized nutritional analysis program), your current eating pattern and habits
  • A tailored nutrition plan to reach body composition and performance goals 
  • Evaluation of how fuel intake supports your training program
  • Pre-, during-, and post-training/competition nutrition guidelines
  • Creation of tailored eating strategies and personalized meal plans for optimal results and health
  • Accountability, motivation, and encouragement that you are capable of amazing things. You are worth it, and you deserve to invest in yourself in order to reach your full potential! Keep moving forward, and keep creating the healthiest and happiest version of YOU every day! 

Making changes to your eating habits and implementing them as part of your daily routine is easier with support. Follow-up sessions allow us to support your goals set in the initial consultation

Prior to your initial consultation, you will need to complete a client contract and comprehensive nutritional assessment, including a two day food journal. Please bring the completed paperwork to your initial consultation.


The First Step:  Initial Consultation

The first step involves a 60-minute consultation that consists of a comprehensive nutrition assessment that focuses on your nutrition and exercise habits, medical history, weight history, and current lifestyle behaviors. We will build on that assessment to set goals, formulate an action plan, and focus on sending you home with resources for implementing changes right away!   Examples of resources and information you will receive include sample meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists.

We have three package choices to initiate your first step to change:

  1. Nutrition Check-up:  60-minute nutrition assessment + 1 follow-up session
  2. Nutrition Reset:  60-minute nutrition assessment + 3 follow-up sessions
  3. Nutrition Overhaul:  60-minute nutrition assessment + 6 follow-up sessions

Follow-up sessions will serve to review your goals and implementation of strategies to ensure that you're on track to making the changes you desire.  You will then receive updates to your plan of action.

If you feel like you need further nutrition coaching after you complete your initial package then you have the option of continuing with Laura's help with as many follow-up sessions as you would like.  

Additional follow-up sessions can be purchased on an as needed basis or you may purchase a follow-up packages (3, 6, 10, 15, 20 session follow-up package)

**All consultations are performed at Beyond Exercise's Wellness Home at 3219 Brotherton Rd, 45209.**


the extra step:  Additional nutrition coaching options

  • Grocery shopping tours (Individual or Group)
  • Meal preparation and cooking demonstration (coming soon)

Do you have questions?  

Contact the registered dietitian directly via email:


Are you ready to take control of your nutritional lifestyle?  

Purchase your Initial Assessment Package here.  Once you purchase your package you can schedule your Nutrition Initial Assessment online or by contacting Laura directly by emailing her at:

Learn about our Register Dietitian, Laura Dilz, RD

**Appointments with Laura cannot be made online within 48-hours of your desired time/day, but you may contact her directly at to inquire about available openings in her schedule within that time frame.**