What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara in the mid-1920’s, and was thought of originally as “corrective exercise” or “medical gymnastics.” Pilates is a proven exercise system using spring-based equipment to stretch and strengthen the whole body from the core to the extremities. Pilates incorporates the breath and precise movements, with an emphasis concentration delivering a full-body workout while it centers your mind.

What is Beyond Exercise Pilates?

At Beyond Exercise we are focused on the continuum of care, from correcting a movement disorder through hands on care to the use of corrective exercise, such as Pilates. Our practice was built upon the idea of serving the individual with the best care we can provide and with that comes the power to educate our clients to be knowledgable and confident in their own care. We as Physical Therapists believe that strength and power come from having a strong foundation, and Pilates is a great tool to build such a base. 

Pilates by BE applies current scientific findings and practice in orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science to the principles originated by Joseph Pilates. Our extensive background in rehabilitation and movement science expands on Pilates’ principles by adding advanced body awareness and principles from motor control theory. Our Pilates instructors work along-side our Physical Therapist to provide a comprehensive and thoroughly development plan for each individual client that attends to your needs and fitness goals.

 Private reformer sessions are performed within the BE Wellness Home, our expansion site next door to our main location.

Private reformer sessions are performed within the BE Wellness Home, our expansion site next door to our main location.

Beyond Exercise uses state-of-the-art Balanced Body® Pilates equipment. We will get you “in tune” with your body by concentrating on proper alignment and smooth movement. Many other exercise programs take a “body parts” approach, with isolated exercises for each muscle group. Beyond Exercise trains the whole body in smooth, continuous movements, elongating and strengthening at the same time. The result: muscles that are long and strong.

The program dramatically improves strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and posture. It creates a body that looks long and lean, with slender thighs, flat abdominal muscles and a strong back.

Who should do Pilates?

Pilates is right for any body at any time or any age. If you suffer from any condition that alters or diminishes your ability to move correctly, efficiently and without pain, that is our specialty. Restoring your functional movement is our goal. Helping you to recover your overall fitness and well-being is our mission.

The workout is surprisingly relaxing and revitalizing. It’s gentle enough for mothers-to-be, yet challenging enough for the super-fit. It’s a program that works for everyone, regardless of age or condition. Discover why athletes, dancers, rehab patients and those seeking a healthier, more beautifully sculpted body use Beyond Exercise Pilates.

Personalized instruction is by appointment only.  Contact an instructor below to schedule your appointment.

Meet our Pilates Instructors:

Sarah Taylor    sarah.taylor@gobeyondexercise.com

Katie Kezele    katie.kezele@gobeyondexercise.com