Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes develop whole-body functional strength.  We focus on activating the core, back, and gluteals while also challenging the upper and lower extremities.  

These classes aim to build a strong foundation from which you can graduate to one of our more customized training options--personal training or small group training.

Current Classes:


small group strength training program for Endurance athletes

Our strength coaches will guide you through a strength and conditioning program that will make you a STRONGER, FASTER, AND MORE DURABLE endurance athlete.  Your posture will improve.  Your horsepower will improve.  Your body will be more resilient to the repetitive movements of training and racing.

The small group program will progress you through various blocks of strength and movement training that focus on mobility, posture, gluteal and hamstring activation, core control, and movement coordination.  Each block builds upon the previous to appropriately apply positive stress to the body.  You must have attended at least three fitness classes or have worked with our personal trainer before enrolling in this training option.  The program requires that you have some familiarity in the exercises and our system in order to perform the program efficiently in this small group format.

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    private personal training

    Every client undergoes Beyond Exercise's specially designed movement and strength screen prior to training.  Our trainer will create a program that takes these observations and your goals into account.  The end result is a program that fits your needs that will minimize injury and get you feeling healthier, fit, athletic, and confident.

    We work with all age ranges and abilities from adolescent student athletes to adult weekend warriors and professional level athletes.  

    We offer 60 and 75-minute sessions.  75-minute sessions are generally for those with specialized attention/goals (sports performance, certain post-rehab situations).

    semi-private personal training

    This training option is best for those who demonstrate proficiency and safety with exercises and therefore do not require one-on-one attention.  Your program will still be customized for you and adapted based on your needs.  You MUST either undergo at least one Private Personal Training session with our trainer or be pre-approved by a BE physical therapist or trainer to sign up for a Semi-Private session.

    We work with all age ranges and abilities from adolescent student athletes to adult weekend warriors and professional level athletes.

    60-minute sessions


    Post Rehab personal training

    Our post-rehab progressive fitness program serves as a transition program as you progress out of physical therapy and into fitness and return-to-sport training.  These sessions allow the trainer to spend extra time working with the client to fully address the deficiencies of the entire body in preparation for the more challenging fitness and return-to-sport workouts.  

    These sessions are 75-minutes to allow for a thorough warm-up and cool-down so as to not re-injure or strain the body.  The trainer will help you determine how many post rehab progressive fitness sessions you will need. 

    These are private, one-on-one sessions.


    Schedule online or call 513-533-9355.  Contact info@gobeyondexercise for any questions.