I am a 31-year-old female with a long time “love” for fitness. I grew up playing elite soccer though high school, however, after many injuries I traded my cleats for a pair of running shoes and haven’t looked back since. In 2011 I competed in my first half marathon and immediately hooked on the “runners high.” My biggest accomplishments in the sport have been taking first place in the Bourbon Derby half marathon in 2014 & 1st in my division at the Santa Rosa Marathon in 2016; giving me my official Boston qualifier. My road to Boston was paved with an uphill battle against severe plantar fasciitis and a metatarsal fracture halfway through my training. However, with the help of beyond exercise and a plethora of non-conventional modalities, I was able to overcome these injuries and succeed in participating in the 2017 Boston Marathon with overwhelming humility and grace for its privilege. 

Running fills me with endorphins and inspires me to push myself each and everyday, however, I have found that this passion has thrown me into an even deeper interest in health, wellness and longevity. As a nurse practitioner, I am consistently keeping up to date on the latest medical data and best practices to provide the highest level of patient care, however, through my most recent endeavor to complete a 2nd master’s degree; I am seeking to integrate conventional medicine with ayurvedic therapies.  When I’m not out on a run, I find myself poring over countless amounts of educational podcasts, literature, research, and every bit of knowledge on how to live longer, be healthier and optimize my physical and mental performance. 

What's your favorite pre-race meal? 

The night before a race I like to consume a "low residue" aka easily digestible meal - grilled wild salmon w/ sauteed mushrooms & spinach with some brazile nuts. The morning of a race I like to take some essential amino acids (natureflex brand).

What's your favorite non-running or triathlon activity? 

CHALLENGE - This is a group fitness class offered in Cincinnati at Body Alive. It's a 60 minute class in a 110 degree room that incorporates plyometrics, strength, agility & power all while engaging in your greatest sweat ever!

What's your preferred recovery activity?

Heated power yoga

What motivated you to get involved in your sport and what keeps you motivated to keep participating? 

Each and every day we have an opportunity to express gratitude for life, breath, health and being present on earth. Running allows me to pay homage to those whom have blessed me and allows me to serve as a platform to inspire all those around me. 


5K:  18:40

1/2 Marathon:  1:29

Marathon:  3:10