We believe in providing physical therapy services according to individual need and goals, rather than on your insurance benefits and allotment. This allows us ample time for us to work with each client individually during the treatment session to best identify the problem, treat, and educate.  We are motivated by our desire to provide quality-driven, efficient, and cost-effective physical therapy care.

You'll be an equal partner in the development of your care. You will always know the direction of your plan. We will value your time. Your time in our clinic is precisely that -- YOUR time.

As a client of BE, you will be patched into our community of partners and affiliates to bring you closer to your end goals.

Beyond Exercise, LLC is considered out of network with all insurance companies.  We do not directly bill insurance for the services rendered by our therapists, and payment is due at each treatment session.  We have decided not to directly bill insurance to allow us the opportunity to practice our craft the way it is intended--one-on-one treatment sessions, no limit in treatment visits, no cap on services, no need for pre-authorization from insurance, no need for MD referrals.  In fact, because a physical therapist (rather than an aide or assistant) can spend more time treating you per hour (rather than being treated along with 1-3 other patients as in your typical insurance-based clinic) our patients tend to get better sooner.  This translates to less visits per week (1-2 visits vs. 3-4 visits) lessening the amount of time being away from your life's rhythms.


  1. Do I need to pay a co-pay?  No; because we don't take insurance, there is no co-pay involved.
  2. Can I seek reimbursement independently?  Yes, we will generate a receipt upon request that can be sent to your insurance company.  If you have met your out-of-network deductible, then you may qualify for a full or partial reimbursement of your costs.  This varies for everyones insurance, and we highly recommend that you contact your insurance company to learn the details of your plan.  The contact information is typically found on your insurance card.
  3. Do you accept HSA or FSA credit cards as forms of payment?  Yes, but you may need a doctor's prescription to qualify the necessity of therapy.  Check your FSA/HSA plan.

How to seek reimbursement from your insurance:

Tips For Dealing With Insurance Companies

Sample Receipt And Explanation Of The Requested Information By Insurance


**Due to current federal regulations, we CANNOT provide physical therapy services to Medicare beneficiaries.  This is a law that we are hoping will change very soon.  In the meantime, we will refer you to an appropriate clinic that is in network with Medicare.  This only applies to physical therapy services.**