Cycling Services

If you're feeling uncomfortable or inefficient while riding a bicycle, a physical therapist can help in determining the source of the problem whether it's due to a flexibility issue, a strength deficit, poor cycling technique, or an improper fit to your bicycle.  A physical therapist's unique advantage of understanding the biomechanics of the body, the pathomechanics of injury, and identifying the source of symptoms allows the therapist to holistically determine the source of your discomfort and/or inefficiency in powering the bike.


Complete Cyclist Musculoskeletal Assessment and Bike Fitting


Jen on top of the podium in 2016

Jen on top of the podium in 2016

This service is performed by Jen Schmidt, a doctor of physical therapy, Orthopedic Certified Specialist, and certified Level 3 USA Cycling Coach.  Jen is also a CAT 2 road cyclist and reigning 2016 CAT 3 Ohio State Crit Champion.  You couldn't be in better hands if you have a cycling injury.

The Complete Cyclist Assessment involves an examination of your movement, strength, flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, posture, and skeletal alignment.  Additionally, you're position and posture on the bike will be assessed.  

This service is perfect for anyone who feels uncomfortable on the bike, has recurring aches and pains while riding, is returning to cycling after an injury, has purchased a new bike without a formal fit, or is returning to cycling after an extended break.

You will not only have your bike optimized to fit your body, but you will also learn exercises and movements to address any deficits found in your exam to help your body work with your bike with minimal stress and strain.  

**If you are currently dealing with a significant injury that inhibits you from cycling, then a course of formal Physical Therapy will be more appropriate before getting a Bike Fit.**