Physical Therapy [Ankle]; Pilates; Personal Training

Danielle working with Pilates Trainer Sarah T.

Danielle working with Pilates Trainer Sarah T.

"I have had the exceptional opportunity to use the team at BEYOND EXERCISE to it's fullest extent over the past year and a half.  I can truly say I am one of the most fortunate people to have found such a “family" (because that's what they have become) of caring, experienced, educated and knowledgeable people who helped me regain my ability to walk & my mobility and strength to such an unexpected degree that surpassed doctors expectations!! My physical therapist, Sarah Cash Crawford. My Pilates instructor, Sarah Taylor and my trainer, Jason Adams.

I used them together as a team to coordinate MY recovery, rehab, and LIFE.  Together they wrote the script of my recovery. I shattered my ankle from a fall, leading to surgery and ultimately an ankle replacement. THEN, my car was totaled from a car hitting head on, which broke 5 ribs and one of my arms.  I went through 5 major surgeries in ONE YEAR!  I was always an active person, so this was a devastating experience for me to endure. Through the caring, help and determination of  Sarah C., Sarah T. ... and Jason A., I am walking, with NO limp whatsoever. I have NO existing or residual pain. I am BEYOND FULL OF GRATITUDE for all the time, efforts, consideration and kindness of these people. I would never be where I am today without you!!

Sarah C. with her treatments, knowledge and experience coordinated MY rehab by combining the most knowledgeable and sweetest Pilates instructor, Sarah T.  She helped strengthen me with this form of exercise combined with the amazing talents and expertise of my trainer, Jason. By working with the three of them they were able to coordinate and plan my rehab and recovery.  Something you would not be able to find anywhere else. I seriously am BEYOND GRATEFUL."

- Danielle Z. 

Physical Therapy [Leg Pain]

"My husband (Brett Hungerford, owner of Element Cycles) stresses the importance of bike fit for riders, so we both knew the importance of having a video run analysis done with Eric at Beyond Exercise as I decided to train for my first half marathon.  I was not a runner previously and had decided to train with Studio S.  I met with Eric prior to even starting the training group. I went in knowing nothing about running and left armed with knowledge about my own untrained/natural techniques and how to alter them to hopefully avoid injury and run efficiently.  Eric is great at explaining things in a way even a novice runner can grasp and demonstrating what needs to be done. 

Physical Therapy [Elbow Pain]

After many months of unsuccessful treatment for my debilitating “tennis elbow” pain, I finally found Dr. Sarah Crawford Cash at Beyond Exercise. Even though an orthopedist told me the only solution for my injury was complete arm rest (and no tennis!) for six to twelve months, I came to Dr. Cash as a last resort in the hopes that her dry needling technique might be an alternative solution. I quickly learned that Dr. Cash’s range of expertise extends well beyond dry needling. She was the first medical professional I saw who evaluated my body mechanics holistically, which enabled her to more accurately diagnose and treat the causes of my pain. 

Physical Therapy [Hip Pain]

"In 2011, I was sidelined for almost 8 months because of hip pain.  I had two MRIs, saw 4 orthopedics and was put in physical therapy for 8 weeks.  Nothing helped, the pain got worse and I was still struggling to walk, let alone run.  A friend recommended I go see Eric to see if he could help.  I went in to see Eric, thinking I would never run again.  After a 90 minute exam, he was able to diagnose my problem and start me on my road to recovery.  I walked out of his office after the first visit feeling 90% pain free.  

Physical Therapy [Low Back Pain]

"Eric did an amazing job for me identifying the source of lower right back pain and giving me relief in just one session. Plus, he gave me exercises to do at home to keep this issue from causing problems again. Who knew that a tight left hip flexor could cause lower right back pain, tight gluts and even a sore right knee? Eric did.  I was completely impressed with the thoroughness of Eric's screening and assessment to thoroughly identify the root cause of the problem.

Physical Therapy [Achilles Tendon Repair]

My relationship with Eric Oliver and Beyond Exercise, LLC has benefited me personally and my Achilles tendon rupture recovery beyond anything I could’ve conceived possible. Eric’s treatment went beyond “recovery” and has led me to a physical and mental transformation.

Honestly, at the beginning of my treatment I was regularly frustrated because after surgery I was chomping at the bit to get moving quickly. When I started my treatment I was walking with my foot pointing outwards, had a huge limp, and my foot was 100% flat. Eric emphasized how delicate my tendon was, and moving quickly would jeopardize my recovery.  Sigh.  I questioned all the foundational work he assigned me.  

Physical Therapy [Pelvic Stress Fracture]

"In the summer of 2012, I suffered a pelvic stress fracture while training for my 5th marathon.  After the fracture healed, I was still having chronic adductor pain.  After nearly a year of not having any luck with numerous doctors, 5 different physical therapists, aqua therapy and massage therapy, I was on the brink of giving up. I heard about Beyond Exercise and decided to give it a try as my “last shot.”  On my first visit, Eric spent a great deal of time assessing my injury and listening to my concerns and everything I had tried in the past.  I immediately felt like I had finally found the place that could help me. 

Physical Therapy [Tibial Stress Fracture]

"Before I started training for the Boston Marathon, I was rehabbing a stress fracture on my right tibia.  My doctor told me I had to limit my running for at least four weeks, which meant I wouldn't be able to start training until February; leaving me a little over 2 months to get ready for one of my biggest races.  Eric immediately took action and created a plan that helped me maintain and improve my fitness level.  

Physical Therapy [Hip Pain]

"After running marathons for a few years, I developed a pelvis fracture that caused a lot of pain and limited my ability to run and cross-train. I was sidelined for 3 months to let the fracture heal, but I continued to have significant pain as I tried to return to fitness. In the course of a year, I had numerous visits with 3 different sports medicine physicians, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic adjustments, MRIs, and several steroid injections to no avail. It was very frustrating to be told that nothing was wrong, despite having active pain and limitations in even easy runs. 

Sports Performance [Running]

"I've been a competitive distance runner for about five years now, and currently compete in both cross country and track for Ashland University. Last year, I suffered two stress fractures which sidelined me for the entirety of the cross country and outdoor track seasons. I met with Eric this past summer and underwent a gait analysis as well as some strength and flexibility tests. We then worked to develop a program consisting of various exercises and form drills designed to prevent future injuries by strengthening my hips and lower legs, and refining my running form.

Physical Therapy [Migraines]

Meeting Sarah at Beyond Exercise has really helped me continue working on my fitness goals. I was affected by terrible migraines and the inability to fully recovery from my workouts. Sarah taught me how to properly prepare my body for exercise and how to keep it moving. Rather than her providing a "quick fix" to my problems, she has taught me ways to manage my pain and prevent further injuries. She explains everything in such a way that I can do my exercises at home and continue my progress. I am very glad I found Sarah at Beyond Exercise.

Physical Therapy [Back Pain]

I was referred to Beyond Exercise by two friends, both of whom are therapists, who had experienced extraordinary results at BE.

I broke four vertebrae more than twenty years ago and have had chronic back pain since. I’ve probably had ten rounds of physical therapy over the last twenty years and have never experienced anything as amazing as the physical therapy program at BE! Beyond Exercise is different from other physical therapy clinics, because you get one-on-one attention from a therapist that thoroughly and physically evaluates your problem and manipulates your body. You don’t spend an hour attached to an e-stim machine and making rounds in a gym.

Physical Therapy [Neck Pain]

Because I have several chronic medical conditions, I see a number of specialists. Each is of course an expert in his/her own field. After a recent surgery I decided to seek someone who could work with me to improve my overall health and mobility. Sarah Cash was a perfect fit. She listened well to what was going on and created a plan to work on both my internal wellbeing as well as my physical mobility. After just a few visits I saw marked improvements.

Physical Therapy [Plantar Fasciitis]

After trying my ‘own’ remedies (massage, stretches, etc) for relief of plantar fasciitis, I took the recommendation of a fellow therapist and tried trigger point dry needling. My first session with Sarah produced great results, as did all subsequent visits. She was able to develop a treatment plan which included dry needling, strength training and muscle memory exercises. After only three needling sessions and physical therapy treatments, I was back to doing what I love to do – Crossfit!