BE RunProject

You’ve decided to do a race.  

The next decision you need to make is how to prepare. But where do you start?

We can all agree that running a bit makes sense.  Maybe work on some speed to get those legs turning over or possibly spend some quality time with mileage over the weekend.  But there is more to training than just running.  At Beyond Exercise we go BEYOND what you expect from a typical training program.  We help you take your training to the next level. 

Training for a Half Marathon or Marathon is a project.  It is a big commitment:  time, energy, resources, physical and mental fortitude.  At Beyond Exercise you're not just joining a training group.  You're becoming a member of a system modeled to make you a more holistic athlete.  You will have access to our various areas of expertise:

  • strength training
  • sports nutrition
  • massage therapy
  • injury prevention
  • injury rehabilitation
  • expert coaching and training

We train the athlete, not just the runner.  

We look at the big picture and bring it all together.  

We see the whole and we build a powerful being.  

We believe in training YOU.  Take your abilities and combine it with our expertise and let’s GO...together.  Let’s GO beyond expectations.  GO Beyond Exercise.

If you're looking for an enhanced version of a Half Marathon or Marathon Training Group then we are your answer...


With 3 exclusive options to choose from, we have the perfect program to fit your needs, creating the most customizable training available in the area!  Our 17-week programs offer three days per week to train with the group and include a fully detailed 7-day training schedule for you to follow when on your own. When you run with us we will plan every route for you to follow and provide coaching, hydration and nutritional support during the workouts, taking all the guesswork and planning off of your plate!



When you train with Beyond Exercise, you get much more than organized runs.  With strength classes included in your registration, and discounts on additional classes, you can take advantage of our runner-focused programs to supplement your training.  You can also use your discounts and included Gift Cards on any services or products at Beyond Exercise, giving you the freedom to choose how you spend your money!  For example, you love the included BE Technical Trucker Hat that came with your registration, but also want the BE Tank you saw?  Use your discount and Gift Card to combine for a great deal. Or maybe you want that post-run massage you've been thinking about..use it there!  With the flexibility and convenience of everything under one roof you are sure to find all of what you need to make your training what YOU want...just another way we build a program to go BEYOND EXPECTATIONS!


BE RunProject - What is it???

BE RunProject is a complete Training Program providing a fun, yet structured environment where you can accomplish your running goals along with a group of people who share your passion.  Our philosophy focuses on accountability, and expertise and brings a sense of team to your goal-oriented efforts, all in a social atmosphere.  Our programs are clearly structured, containing many layers to address all aspects of your training and preparation. And now you can take your training BEYOND your expectations. With all of the services and programs offered at Beyond Exercise we are able to offer an experience unlike any other Training Program in the area. Everything at BE is designed for runners, to support your training and help you succeed!


BE RunProject is a team effort.  Our coaches are not only experienced runners and leaders, but they are part of the team.  We are here to provide you with direction, guidance and motivation.  Using a strategic coach-to-participant ratio, we will be there to get you through your workouts, share our expertise and also have some fun.  Working together as a team, we will help you get results and achieve your goals!  BE RunProject serves the full range of athletes from those looking to simply cross the finish line to those looking to qualify for Boston.  Our training encourages and supports all paces and abilities.  During your first weeks of training with us we will work with you to create a strategy that best suits you, your pace and your goals. 


Your investment includes all planning, guidance and motivation from our coaching team, all nutrition and hydration supplements during our group training session.  Our programs include access to all of the experts at Beyond Exercise, great discounts on races, convenient meet-up areas before and after races and more.  We also like to enjoy ourselves, offering social events, get-togethers and other fun activities will help you unwind and socialize with your team!

(Race entry not included)


BE RunProject Fall 2017 Training Programs

BE RunProject for Fall 2017 begins on July 8.  All groups meet for workouts on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM, for recovery runs on Wednesday at 6:30 PM and for long runs on Saturday mornings at 7:30 AM.  Tuesday’s runs will typically be from Beyond Exercise in Oakley with Wednesday and Saturday runs rotating between various locations within 5 miles
or so of BE.


While we will target the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon on November 4, we will also support training for other fall races, including Queen Bee Half Marathon, Chicago Marathon and Columbus Marathon and Half Marathon.  We will also provide training guidance for these earlier races during our free Summer Runnin’ groups which are currently meeting every Tuesday at 6:30 PM and Saturdays at
8 AM at Beyond Exercise through July 1.


BE RunProject is open to athletes of all abilities, whether you are looking to set a PR
or just trying to “finish” your first one.

  • We suggest that someone participating in our Marathon Training Program be able to complete 6 miles when beginning the program and be able to start at approximately 15 miles per week in their training.
  • We suggest that someone participating in our Half Marathon Training Program be able to complete 3 miles when beginning the program and be able to start at approximately 10 miles per week in their training. 
  • Due to the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon requirement that participants must maintain a 15 minute per mile pace to finish and avoid course closure, we also ask that you assume these same guidelines to help to ensure a successful program!



BE RunProject Information Sessions

We will offer information sessions where you can learn more about the BE RunProject, ask questions and meet some of our coaches. Please join us at Beyond Exercise at
3215 Brotherton Road, 45209 on either of the dates below:

  • Monday, June 19 at 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, June 22 at 6:30 PM

 We look forward to training with you and going BEYOND your expectations!


For more information please contact us at

Special discount to athlete blood testing services.  Learn about blood testing to optimize health and performance here.

Special discount to athlete blood testing services.  Learn about blood testing to optimize health and performance here.

Get a 15% discount on eligible running gear and accessories when you click any logo on BE's website.

Get a 15% discount on eligible running gear and accessories when you click any logo on BE's website.