Amy Robillard Olympic Trials check-in.jpg


favorite Junk food

No bake cookies and chocolate/PB/Chex cereal concoction 

favorite "pump me up" song

I don’t have a pump up song - never have needed one, but I do run with music daily to keep me entertained and sane

The athlete you'd like to meet the most 

Gwen Jorgensen

Favorite non-sport activity

Anything with my kids (which is usually sports related)

Favorite run or triathlon workout

Hill repeats

Race Highlights


Monumental Half-Marathon, Indianapolis, IN--12th Female (1:19:53)

Thanksgiving 5K--1st Female (18:10)


Thanksgiving Day 10K, Cincinnati, OH--4th Female (36:20)

Columbus Half-Marathon, Columbus, OH--7th Female (1:19:17)

Hyde Park Blast 4-mile, Cincinnati, OH--1st Female (23:11)

Flying Pig Half Marathon, Cincinnati, OH--1st Female (1:22:40)

Olympic Trials Marathon, Los Angeles, CA--February 13, 2016 (3:00:11)

Chevron Houston Marathon--19th Female, 2nd Age Group--(Qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon; PR 2:44:16)


USA Half-marathon Invitational, San Diego, California--4th Female, 1st Age Group (PR 1:19:03)

Hyde Park Blast 4-mile, Cincinnati, OH--1st Female (23:18)

Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH--1st Female (2:53:07)

Run The Bluegrass Half-marathon, Lexington, KY--1st Female (1:20:40, Course Record)